Avoiding Foods That Cause Flatulence

Flatulence Cure

By choosing what foods we eat we can avoid those that are known for causing flatulence. Excess gas is what flatulence is all about so when it comes to reducing or control how much gas we produce it is essential to revise over our food intake and eliminate those which are guilty of producing a lot of gas and smelly gas at that.

Not all of us will have the same reaction to specific foods; in fact some of us will be able to digest them much better than others. So it may be a question of preparing foods differently by cooking them in a different way. So which foods are known as the flatulence foods?

Well, opinions will vary greatly but pretty much everyone is aware of how much gas we can produce after eating those foods that are rich and high in fibre.

Beans are guilty contributors of flatulence and it is also true that the gas let off after digesting beans is often bad smelling. The reason for this is that beans are difficult for the body to break down. Other foods referred to as flatulence foods are broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and just about any cruciferous vegetables.

It is due to their complex cell structure that the digestive system can struggle to break them down as efficiently and therefore produces a lot of gases in the process. In some cases the gases produced in the digestion of these foods can cause some abdominal pain, so it might be an idea to limit the amount of times we incorporate them in our diet.

Flatulence Cure

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