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Diet and Exercise Can Help Flatulence

Excessive wind or flatulence is a relatively common condition and the majority of cases can be cured by making a few simple life style changes. These changes consist of a healthy balanced and nutritious diet and regular exercise. Diet and exercise go hand in hand and in order to regulate not only excessive flatulence but also any other health complaints it is very important that healthy options are chosen if we want to look after ourselves and maximise the performance of our bodies. Flatulence is a normal […]

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Don’t Let Flatulence Get You Down

For those of us who suffer from flatulence, that is to say excessive wind, life can be tough and at times get us down due to the sheer embarrassment of the nature of this condition. But living with flatulence doesnÂ’t have to be as there are some simple remedies to help relieve and reduce the amount of gases our bodies produce. The typical symptoms of flatulence include frequent passing of wind, which often has a bad smell and is loud in volume, pain, gurgling of the stomach, […]

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