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Remedies For Flatulence

Superfoods to Fight Flatulence

There are many causes for flatulence, such as overeating, eating too quickly, excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates or artificial […]

Flatulence FAQs

What is Flatulence?

Flatulence is the term given to the action of breaking or passing wind. It is important to understand what flatulence is as it can be a little more complex than merely passing gas from the mouth or rear end. Treatment can only really be carried out once the underlying cause of flatulence is identified as it may be that there are other health issues that also need to be addressed. Without doubt, flatulence is one of the most embarrassing conditions to suffer from and the symptoms, such […]

Diet and Exercise Can Help Flatulence

Excessive wind or flatulence is a relatively common condition and the majority of cases can be cured by making a few simple life style changes. These changes consist of a healthy balanced and nutritious diet and regular exercise. Diet and exercise go hand in hand and in order to regulate not only excessive flatulence but also any other health complaints it is very important that healthy options are chosen if we want to look after ourselves and maximise the performance of our bodies. Flatulence is a normal […]

How to Do a Colon Cleanse

Most experts would agree that a regular colon cleanse program can ensure a better way of living. They believe that other forms of colon cleansing such as colon irrigation, fasting and home colonic can only be effective after doing a pre colon cleanse. During the process of colon cleansing, you will be asked to take a supplement of herbs, vitamins and minerals that are very important in rejuvenating your body and replacing good bacteria that are also flushed out during the cleaning process. In doing a regular […]

Flatulence and Food Intolerance

The hardest things to deal with when it comes to flatulence are the symptoms it has. The most obvious symptoms are those of passing loud and smelly wind in abundance and the pain and embarrassment of coping with it on a daily basis. For some people flatulence can be treated by changing their diet and incorporating regular exercise into their life style. For others treatment and management of excessive flatulence can be a little more complex. The first step that is taken when it comes to treating […]