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Avoiding Foods That Cause Flatulence

By choosing what foods we eat we can avoid those that are known for causing flatulence. Excess gas is what flatulence is all about so when it comes to reducing or control how much gas we produce it is essential to revise over our food intake and eliminate those which are guilty of producing a lot of gas and smelly gas at that. Not all of us will have the same reaction to specific foods; in fact some of us will be able to digest them much […]

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Don’t Let Flatulence Get You Down

For those of us who suffer from flatulence, that is to say excessive wind, life can be tough and at times get us down due to the sheer embarrassment of the nature of this condition. But living with flatulence doesnÂ’t have to be as there are some simple remedies to help relieve and reduce the amount of gases our bodies produce. The typical symptoms of flatulence include frequent passing of wind, which often has a bad smell and is loud in volume, pain, gurgling of the stomach, […]

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How to Prevent Excessive Flatulence

Nothing can be quite as shameful as passing wind that not only smells offensive but also comes out loud and accompanied by more of it. No one is flatulence free as it is a natural process of the body to rid itself of gases as part of the digestive system. The problem lies when a person produces too much gas and it becomes either painful or increases in frequency. In most cases of excessive flatulence, the problem lies in the actual digestive system. It may be that […]

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